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How do I retrieve my ERC-20, when I have sent it to a Binance C-chain address? Is my money lost in the Blockchain’s fine funds? How do I do this? This kind of thing happens very often and many people are helpless in the face of their mistake. You have looked for help everywhere, but without having had a solution or being told that it was totally lost. Never mind! I am going to give you a solution that works to get your money back.

We assume that you want to send your cryptomonnaie on a personal wallet. In my example we assume that you have your private key on an Ethereum wallet, I take the Atomic Wallet as an example.

Difference between ERC-20 and BEP-2

Before we start, we will quickly distinguish between the two types of address.

ERC-20 = Token on the Ethereum channel starts with 0x

BEP-2 = Token on the Binance channel starts with bnb

Installing Metamask

We are now going to install the metamask wallet available at this address:

install metamask
install metamask

After installing Metamask it is now necessary to import the private key.

Finding the private key

On Atomic Wallet just go to :

Setting > Private key

Import your private key on Metamask

Now you will have to import your private key on metamask, follow the image guide :

Go to Binance’s C-chain

Now we will connect Metamask to the C-chain of Binance.
We are going to use the addresses of the mainnet :

  • RPC URLs :
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer:

Add your token contract

Go to, enter the name of your token in the search bar.

In my example, we are going to leave on a chainlink but you will have to do exactly the same thing for your token.

On Metamask go in add a token.

There you go, your tokens are back in your wallet, you’ll need some BNB to send them back. I advise you to send them again to the trading platform that has a BEP-2 address!

Thank you for following my guide, I hope I helped you get your money back.