You are here because you are looking for a guide to show you how to buy or sell cryptography on the Binance platform.
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 You are here because you are looking for a guide to show you how to buy or sell cryptography on the Binance platform.

⚠️La buying/selling on margin is a HIGH-risk transaction! This article does not contain any financial advice, it is just here to show you the procedure for short selling on the Binance platform. ⚠️     


Open account

       In order to make your transaction you need an account at Binance. I invite you to register using my link by clicking here. If you already have an account, log in and go to the next step.


 Buy crypto

 After creating your account, go to the Buy Cryptos section and choose your method of purchase by credit card, bank transfer etc.


 Transfer funds to your margin account

 Since then, your Binance account click on Portfolio in the top right corner and select Portfolio Margin.


Here we will focus on the Isolate i.e. you can only do it on one pair. The Margin Cross, is the sale and resale on several pairs.

 Select the crypto you want to transfer and click transfer.


 Choose a pair to trade and create its short term order.


go to market (Trade) and then choose Margin

 When you get there, on your right you can select the pair you wish to trade.

 Place your order

  After choosing the pair you want, at the bottom you can decide either a buy or sell order.


As in the picture, you still have to indicate the price and the amount of your “investment” and confirm.
Framing them in green, shows you the different steps to follow to make short sales (margin) and you also benefit from a video from Binance academy to explain MARGIN.

 Close the position and take the profits.

  As explained in the video that Binance academy has made available.

 The fees


Transaction fees on Binance depend on your activation and the NBB balance you have. The higher the volume of your transactions, the lower the commission will be. You can consult the fees directly here.
The starting commission is 0.075% and can be reduced up to 0.015%.

 The Risks

Like all leveraged investments you have a very high risk of losing all your money!

 Under the crypo, the money you borrow belongs to the Binance platform, which may require you to repay your losses in full with leverage.

  Ce guide n’a pas pour vocation, à vous pousser à faire,; du margin !
Aucun, mais vraiment aucun conseille n’est donner dans cette l’article !

 Documentations :

Links :

Binance academy to learn more about the platform, cryptography and trading.
Book in french :
Book in English:


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