How to have Bitcoin, when you have no money! [part 2]

I'm going to introduce you to ways to earn bitcoins, with your smartphone.
pièce re présentant un bitcoin #btc en plaqué or

In the first part, I give you two ways to quickly win cryptocurrency. As, you must know there are many ways to have cryptocurrencies. I present what you can do with your mobile phone (smartphone), and does not require large monetary investment.


An Airdrop is simply a money drop, made by the project in order to make itself known. Be careful not to be confused with Apple's airdrop technology.

In order to follow the airdrops you can go to the site
: https://airdropalert
.com/Pour francophones I advise the discord of La Baleine:

Making an Airdrop is very time-consuming!
I only do airdrops on that allows me to win cryptocurrencies that I know like the XLM, Doge, ETH, etc.


It involves performing various missions, such as writing an article, doing a translation, or participating in a hackathon in order to find bugs, security vulnerabilities etc.
How you doubt it, it's something very long as well. There are sites, which allows you to "manage" your participations.


⚠️ Attention as for Airdrop, the projects present are possibly regulate and can more or less report you.

Remember in the cryptocurrency it is estimated that more than 95% of the projects are Ponzi pyramids (its scams).⚠️


Like, its name does not say it you will gain from learning more about the use, the characterizations of a cryptocurrency. The Earns, are often organized by exchanges like (Binance, Coinbase etc.).

Beware, often the places are limited you will have to register long before you can benefit from the winnings.

:Pour win $40 in #EOS:


Some games, app allows you to win some cryptocurrency. The list is really long I invite you to go for a ride on the store of your phone in order to find the or games that brings back the cryptocurrency you desire.

Don't be fooled, its apps work like the ones that promise to become millionaires by watching the commercial! And, the latter is really very invasive!

: I'm introducing some app I've installed where the ad isn't too intrusive.

Winning Litecoin: bitcoin
me=8&pf=2Gagnez (Coinbase account needed):


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

How you can guess, you should invite as many people as possible to perform a task/action (registration, RT, downloading),

Many, project, exchange etc., offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn a percentage.

– download the Brave browser, allows you to have winnings and also allows your invite to win BAT by surfing the internet:

  • Binance, is for the moment one of the key players in the world of cryptocurrency in the world, you can buy, sell your cryptocurrencies. My link allows you to earn 10% commission transfer rate. Basically going through my link you earn 10% of the commissions that Binance charges.
  • Kucoin , you receive KCS per person it registers and uses the Exchange platform.

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