[part : 1 ] HOW TO INSTALL VIM


   Here I inform you, right away that I am a Forever NOOB, a giga-Noob, if you’re looking to become the queen/king of computer programming with an expert, well, it’s a failure. I’m going to have fun discovering VIM and if you’re a pro you’ll just have fun watching me struggle. And if, like me you’re noob I’ll go with you.


   Don’t forget, every computer pro advises you against VIM and almost none of them use it. But I’m not here to become a pro. I’m just here to have fun and discover.

Install VIM

 Install VIM, the simplest :

 sudo apt install vim 

 Don’t forget the key entered after typing the command line!
At some point, you will be asked if you want to install VIM, so type “Y” for “Yes”.



 ilà VIM is installed, I will test by just typing vim (+ enter key)



I have VIM to install cool.

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