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  Here are the simple steps to easily purchase your first $ AVAX (Avalanche) on the Binance platform

How do I retrieve my ERC-20, when I have sent it to a Binance C-chain address? Is my money lost in the Blockchain's fine funds? How do I do this? This kind of thing happens very often and many people are helpless in the face of their mistake. You have looked for help everywhere, but without having had a solution or being told that it was totally lost. Never mind! I am going to give you a solution that works to get your money back.

I will show you step by step how to open & secure your account on the Binance marketplace.

  You are here because you are looking for a guide to show you how to buy or sell cryptography on the Binance platform.

I'm going to introduce you to ways to earn bitcoins, with your smartphone.