[part : 1 ]VIM with a Noob: Install VIM

VIM Logo
VIM Logo

The I inform you, right away that I am a Forever NOOB, a giga-Noob, if you seek to become the queens /kings of computer programming with an expert well it’s failed. I go especially with this series, have fun discovering VIM and you just go if you’re a pro you have fun to see me struggling. And if, like me you are noob I will accompany you.

Logo VIM
Logo de VIM

Remember, that all computer pros advises 42nd VIM and almost none use it. But I’m not here to turn pro. I’m just here to have fun and discover.

We install VIM

Intaller VIM, the simplest:

sudo apt install vim
VIM installation
Terminal: Ubuntu VIM Installation

Don’t forget the key entered after tapping the command line!
At some point, we’ll ask you if you’d like to install VIM type “O” to “Yes”

Vim installation


Here VIM is install!, I’ll test by just typing vim (key input)

VIM screen

I have VIM to install cool.